Posted by: Monishikha | January 26, 2010


Early morning conversation between groggy self and off-to-work husband
Husband: Wear something nice today, we’ll take a snap when I get back from work
Groggy Self: Huh?why
Husband: Just want to try out the results of the new camera, and we’ll put that on the desktop for our anniversary pic.
Groggy Self:mmmmm
Groggy self went back to sleep, thinking the hubby sure had changed since the kid!Earlier ,our desktop pics used to be exclusively those of his first love.(not self,see sidebar pic)
So the husband came back in the afternoon in a hurry,
“Are you ready, gotta go in 15mins”
To which driven mad by the kid,but unusually neat self replied,
“Yeah, can I atleast comb my hair”
Anyway,the camera was set on auto and  a few snaps of the three of us in the garden were clicked.

Woke up this morning, brushed the whites, opened my almirah to put on some cream, and found this  with “Happy Anniversary ” written on yesterday’s snap as the base of the box.

And that’s why I spent some time making this for us.



  1. A very HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY to you both! May you enjoy many many many more.

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