Posted by: Monishikha | February 2, 2010

Dealing with Infertility

I love the Internet. I like to read. I like talking to people.Thats why I hop from blog to blog .Sometimes , what I read moves me enough to comment, possibly share something intensely personal. Today, I chanced upon this post by a very popular blogger and had to comment.Why?because she touched upon a few things which are very personal to me, namely, dealing with infertility.If you came here from there, looking to read more about my brush with infertility, read on.

I remember trawling the net obsessively for hours about some advice or support in an Indian context,and found precious little. I am not a medical professional and I am not offering you any medical advice.This is my personal experience, which I will share , not for the purpose of advertising a particular clinic or doctor(I’ll tell you if you ask),but only to give  a measure of support, to someone who’s going through it from, as the mad momma puts it, “someone who’s been there”.

Why do I care? Because I know how hard it is to explain this to the best of friends,or loving ,concerned parents , who while trying to “cheer you up” sometimes end up saying things that you wish they wouldn’t.

So, if you’re going through infertility or something like it, and would like to hear about my experience, you can email me .



  1. Its surprising, isn’t it, that even after having kids, we can’t let go of the trauma of those initial days.
    When we see women getting preganant and delivering, and us being the only ones God chose to leave out.
    I’ve had pretty rotten experiences myself (read, 3 miscarriages), and thats why the twins are so precious to me.
    Because I may not have any more. I don’t need any more !

    • Congrats on the your twins :). I’m sure they keep you busy and happy enough, to not think about the past..much.
      Even though I’ve never had a miscarriage, I can understand the despair that you must have felt each time.I remember ,waiting
      for yet another ,invasive,diagnostic procedure ,feeling totally miserable and thinking that giving birth would be hard enough,and getting there
      wasn’t meant to be traumatic! And also trying my best to act normal around my friends who were already mothers,when they
      discussed the woes of their pregnancy/motherhood, because I didnt want them to walk on egg shells around me.

      That said, I thank God that at least I got there,because there are still so many women out there thinking
      that they are “the only ones God chose to leave out.” My heart goes out to them.

  2. hey on a completely diff note, i loved the pot n the pudina pic.. you have a lovely garden.. referring to the header pic.. so beautiful.

    • 🙂 Thanks Tara. I love my garden too…it’s the first time I’ve managed to build up a nice collection of plants. I was wondering if anyone would get
      that the plant in the pot is Pudina.

  3. Love your potted greens .. lovely header 🙂

    Internet is indeed an amazing place and it can, and it does become a support system for so many of us.

    • Thanks IHM, so nice to see you here. About the Internet, yes you’re so right, just the connection with others
      in a similar situation can provide reassurance to most of us.

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