Posted by: Monishikha | February 7, 2010

Two bottles of beer on the wall

It’s Sunday after all…

Okay, so the beer is long gone 😉
Like what you see, come take a closer look.


  1. I love, love and love. I want!!!!!I so so admire you artistic types girl, and envy the fact that I don't have an artistic cell in my body!!

  2. Thanks GMYou write well, that's an art too!! This particular set is already sitting in my parents house,so the next lot is yours,provided I can sort out the packaging,because glass paints tend to stick to ANYTHING that touches the glass!

  3. wowwwwwww beautiful…I have a whole collection of bottles waiting to be painted 🙂 dunno muhurat kab lagega

  4. 😀 Thanks Trish.You paint too? What, where, c'mon lets see!

  5. Lovely!!!! I have never attempted glass painting on bottles. These are really wow! Sigh, now my eyes are not good enough for details! So no more glass painting or any of those art and craft thingies I enjoyed so much.

  6. Thanks Shail.Glass painting on bottles is just a little bit trickier than flat glass, gotta rotate fast, for even spreads…but I find the uneven mix more interesting! 😀 Those art and craft thingies are real good fun, even though the practice of said thingies makes the house not so neat.

  7. Very nicely done, really good…..but the sad part is that someone has to consume the contents for you to work on them… (I am a teetotaller).

  8. Nice work there!I do glass paints too…you'll find it in my blog…do chk it wen you've time.Thanks for following my blog:)Will chk your blog in detail, latr.Do keep revisiting:)Warm RegdsDeepa

  9. Thanks Deepa 😀 I had seen one of your glass painting posts,and asked you a question here be back to browse some more, soon.

  10. @ J P JoshiThank you so much for the compliment 🙂 Im a teetotaller too….and the beer was happily consumed by someone, not for the purpose of providing empty bottles , so no worries on that account:)

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