Posted by: Monishikha | February 16, 2010

Fruits of a really late night

Question: What do you get when there is

  • One wide awake ,new mom lying in bed at night having had
  • One strong cup of coffee the evening and also
  • One tall glass of cold coffee a little later in the evening, next to
  • One milk fed ,sleeping baby,lying on her left side with
  • One ball pen in her right hand and holding
  • One writing pad in the other hand, at an almost impossible angle,in a room lit by
  • One dim bedside lamp

Answer: This

and this

which are the new mom’s first attempts at sketching her baby, and also her first attempts at sketching with a pen.

The new mom thought that they were not-so-bad, till daylight and a in-a-hurry-to-get-to-work-husband disagreed . Still ,for better or worse, the new mom wishes to show them to the world.



  1. They are v good Mona, pls pass on the compliments to the new mom 🙂 n ask her if i can call her by ths name (mona)

    • The new mom accepts your compliments and thanks you 🙂 Try calling her Mini, all her friends do.

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