Posted by: Monishikha | March 17, 2010

When a little boy is imprisoned

by a laundry folding mother

he just has to explore his options.


  1. LOL!! cuteness!

  2. TrishIt was the cuteness that was responsible for his eventual liberation !:D

  3. tagged.

  4. Awww… 🙂

  5. The poor darling!!Cooped up so early in life!!At least he isn't bawling his heart out 😀

  6. GMThanks, like I said, still looking for seven….Shailstrange but true– when work has to be done , the awwwwws dont flow so easily from his mom….Noor:D He did air his objections loud and clear after exploring all his options , when he saw that the jailor had vanished to the next room or thereabouts ……sigh, soft hearts are bad for jailors…

  7. Awww..I want to reach in to his cot through my computer screen and pick him up ! cute baby.Blog hopped here..and pleasantly surprised that you are from 'services' ! my dad was in IAF too long long back 🙂 Read a few of your posts and some of them took me back in time..where r u posted currently ?

  8. 2 B's mommyThanks and welcome to my blog.The husband is posted to Bidar these days.Glad you liked my other posts too! I guess a similar background does lead to similar experiences.Keep visiting for more 😀

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