Posted by: Monishikha | April 3, 2010

The Old Mess

Once in a  blue moon, when I go for a walk, this is my favourite spot to walk past.Also known as the “Old Mess”, it is not quite that. It’s the preferred venue for many a  b’day party and station parties(kids allowed) with a movie, tombola, chaat and dinner served on the breezy ,sloping lawns . All in all, a pleasant place to spend an evening, and the second of my fledgling attempts at watercolour paintings. The husband and other critics (related by blood) claim that while I have a way to go before I can actually sell stuff (if I wanted to), it’s worth hanging at home. As for me, Im just happy that the folks are visiting, so that I can do something totally unrelated to baby stuff. Speaking of which, the Artimator at 8 and a half months is STANDING ON HIS OWN for a grand total of half a second!


  1. Wow! a milestone. He is standing. Yippy!And I don't need to tell you, the painting is gorgeous, right???

  2. GM:D He's standing, at the most for about 4 secs, but for us it's like he's climbing Mt Everest .About the painting- Thanks!

  3. WAY TO GO ARTIMATOR!!!Congrats buddy…you've discovered 'feet'!! Now just make sure you start using them to good effect. Tell Mamma, it'll help her lose weight :D(Sob…thats what my kids are doing to me 😦 . The torture!! )

  4. PHROOOOOOOOOO pppfffff aaaaaayyyyyaaa(translationthank you Noor Aunty, Im trying my best but mamma's weight has been around for longer than I can imagine and it has dug in and rooted itself…sigh)

  5. The painting`s awesome! I have always believed(owing to several failed attempts!!) that water colors is way more complicated than oil! Your description of the old mess parties so typically sound like the service parties..coming to think of it, I sometimes miss that too :):)Congrats on crossing a milestone!! :):)

  6. Piper,Thanks!You're right about watercolours being more difficult! Im actually trying to teach myself from stuff I see online.Yup, service parties, too many and they're a pain, too few and life in one horse towns becomes boring;)

  7. Ohhh the cutie pie, standing for all of half a second!! Hugs to him.The painting looks pretty good. And all that talk of Mess, tombola, 'children allowed' et al brings back so many good memories!! 🙂

  8. wow! the painting is really awesome!

  9. Even I am a sketcher, I will share few the forthcoming weak, your painting is so lively. Love it.

  10. looks good!

  11. Good start on the water paints… experience will make you an expert.. keep going.Wow.. nice to hear about the Artimator standing on his own! Enjoy the motherhood.

  12. Shail,:D Thanks, hugs conveyed, latest score at 11 secs now!Sorcerer:D Thankyouverymuch and welcome to my blog.Ramya:D Thanks and welcome to my blog.Will be visiting your blog soon for those sketches.Magiceye:D ThanksMohanThank you so much for the encouragement!Maybe I'll paint from some pics on your blog, if you permit.And yes, I am doing my best to enjoy motherhood 😀

  13. Sure, go ahead! Pleasure is all mine 🙂 Look forward to see your next painting!

  14. Congratulations on you little one first:) I think I landed here a few months too late to wish you:)The talk of mess and tambola brings back many memories:)

  15. IndyeahWelcome to my blog and Thanks 😀 Congratulations for Artim are NEVER too late! Mess and Tombola-Good memories indeed!

  16. hey i think thats a wonderful painting… 🙂

  17. How do we knowHow do you know? 😉 Thanks and welcome to my blog.

  18. Wow.. awesome… I loved that little piece of art display… I dunno but somehow have never been able to manage water colours… I think crayons and charcoal feel more safer in my fingers 😉 … but you really floored me.. andf yes congrats on your achievement at the other end also…. His first Nijer paaye darano (standing on his on feet) journey begins :).. oh btw hopped in from Piper's blog!

  19. SagarikaThanks and welcome to my blog :)You like crayons and charcoal? Going off to explore your blog now!:D

  20. And where art thou my friend? All well I hope..It`s been a while..

  21. Good painting. Light and breezy feel! Though details and colouring, shading etc could do with improvements.And improvements keep on happening! So 'standing' ovation to Artimator!

  22. StupidosaurFinally!! the stupidosaur stomped over to my blog 😀 Yes, I agree with you on the improvements bit, I have a long way to go but for now, the Artimator (who is now walking ) takes up too much of my time for me to even attempt another one!

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